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Monthly Archives: June 2010

So Naomi Campbell is still living up to her title as queen bitch. You’d think this lady would be trying to fix her reputation by now, but earlier this week the British supermodel walked off an interview with ABC News. During the brief interview Naomi was asked if she ever received a “blood diamond” from African dictator Charles Taylor in which she replied:

I didn’t receive a diamond and I’m not going to speak about that.

Rumors are apparently flying around that Naomi received diamonds and other jewels after Taylor (the former president of Liberia) was accused of using uncut diamonds to finance campaigns of terrors in Sierra Leone for a four year period, beginning in 1997 and ending in 2001. He is currently on trial.

Had this been any other celebrity this interview would have continued in a professional manner but because Naomi is queen of all divas, she had to make a statement. After she refused to answer the question, she stormed out of the interview punching the camera along the way. I’m all for Naomi refusing to answer controversial questions that defame her character but storming out of an interview makes her look more guilty than it does innocent. I believe you Naomi, you had no involvement, but handle it better next time, for your sake of course.

Check out Naomi’s temper-tantrum below:


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Is it just me or does it seem like everywhere we turn there’s some type of conflict concerning plus-sized models. Well now the controversy comes courtesy of major TV networks ABC and FOX after both networks refused to air a Lane Bryant lingerie commercial. The commercial features plus-sized fashion models displaying Lane Bryant’s new line of bras and lingerie for curvy women.

ABC and FOX tried to justify their claims saying that the commercial was too racy, and Lane Bryant is lashing back at the network accusing them of a “double standard” since both channel frequently air Victoria Secret commercials. What is funny about the entire situation is that ABC felt the commercials were inappropriate to air during Dancing With the Stars because of it’s high viewership of minors, but the show features Pamela Anderson wearing mini-dresses with her breast exposed on a weekly basis. ABC also had the audacity to ask Lane Bryant to edit their commercial to show less skin, but after the company refused ABC pulled the commercial. I agree with Lane Bryant, why should they change their commercial to fit the standards of ABC and modern America? Especially since ABC airs a similar commercial featuring skinnier models. There definitely is a double standard here and I think if ABC refuses to air the commercial then Lane Bryant should take their money elsewhere. Why help fund a network if they don’t support your brand?

Here’s the “racy” commercial below, do you think ABC took it a bit too far or is Lane Bryant to blame?

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Mark all calendars, set up all alarms, Zac Posen is coming to Target. Starting April 25, the high-end couture designer will be selling his signature diffusion collection exclusively at Target stores nationwide.

Posen  is the latest celebrity designer to partner with Target’s GO International campaign. Joining the likes of Erin Fetherston, Isaac Mizrahi, Anna Sui and Rodarte, Posen’s collection will feature high aesthetic fashion moderately affordable that ranges in retail from as $16.99 to $200.00.

Posen is a favorite amongst Hollywood’s elite, and has a massive celebrity fan base that includes Rihanna, Naomi Campbell and Natalie Portman. His new collection is eerily similar to his high end collection so expect some eccentricity; as it’s what Posen’s known for. A single garment from Zac Posen’s higher end collection retails for around a thousand dollars; but fashionistas on a budget like me, can don high fashion for a fraction of the price.

What makes Posen’s collection for Target different from other diffusion lines in the store is that this collection is a replica of Posen’s higher-end garments. Since a single garment from Zac Posen’s higher end collection retails for about a thousand dollars, fashionistas on a budget can don high fashion for a fraction of the price. The party dresses available for his Target collection are similar to the dresses sold at Berdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus so this collection will definitely be a big score in the fashion industry.

The only downfall with Posen’s new collection for Target is that it’s in high demand; and by that I mean very. Most of the pieces have already sold out courtesy of online pre-sales. But since it’s sold at Target, that means that there will be a back stock and whatever is not available in stores can most definitely be available on Target’s website. With only a week to spare I definitely have my list of items I’m buying on the 25 (the red leather, the metallic swimsuit) and since I’m not fortunate to live by a Target store, my purchase will be made online.

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So sweatpants are the latest trend in the fashion world. You’ve read right, sweatpants. And these aren’t your typical gym workout clothes, sweatpants now are actually cute and stylish and extremely comfortable.

The sweatpants trend is making rounds all over departments stores and local boutiques being sold at J. Crew, Topshop and even Saks. But it’s the most recognizable names in fashion who are taking sweatpants to another level. Rebecca Taylor and Michael Kors are a few designers who made sweatpants apart of their spring 2010 collection.

But it’s “Project Runway” judge Michael Kors, who took the ridiculously route. His sweatpants retails in stores for: get this $995. Almost $1,000 for a pair of sweatpants, uh no thanks. Sweatpants are normally considered a fashion faux paas so I don’t know what sane person (rich or not) would spend an equivalent month’s rent to splurge on sweats.

Kors also has the nerve to believe that his pants will be big sellers. I along with a lot of other people in world disagree. Sure sweatpants are efficient and comfortable, but they are in no means worth a grand, even if they are cashmere like the one Kors designs. Sweatpants are lounge pants made to be worn at the gym and in your living room. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I’ll be damned if I spend $995 on a pair of pants to wear in any other place than the runway.

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Nicole Richie is one busy momma. After gaining a reputation for her drug use, hard-partying and jail stints, the petite socialite is looking to change that by juggling two demanding jobs at once: being a mother of two and fashion designer. This spring she debuts her Winter Kate clothing line which has garnered her positive reviews and admiration from fashionistas all over the globe.

Named after her daughter Harlow’s middle names, Winter Kate’s 40-piece collection features dresses, vests, blouses, and leather jackets all ranging in price from $100 to $500, with most pieces set around 200 bucks. It’s modestly priced considering Richie was raised in the essence of wealth and superstar life.

Winter Kate is
a reflection of Richie’s personal style. It’s vintage-inspired and features a boho-esque vibe with flowy tops and a tad bit of a edge. It’s casual and comfortable just like Richie. Each garment is created with flattering materials such as chiffon, suede, silks and leather to fit perfectly on women of all shapes and sizes.

According to Richie herself “Fashion should be accessible,” and who couldn’t agree more. Tons of young women across the country have been imitating Richie’s look since she burst onto the Hollywood scene with former best friend Paris Hilton on the FOX reality show The Simple Life. She has become the poster girl for leather bombers, maxi jewelry and over the top chunky jewelry. In fact since its launch in February her ‘Harlow’ leather jacket and her ‘Kimono’ maxi dress have become the line’s best sellers.

Winter Kate is the second fashion venture for Richie, who already has an accessories line named House of Harlow 1960. That line specializes in jewelry and footwear and since debuting in 2008 has become one of the most successful lines in Hollywood. It has been worn by many celebrities including Madonna, Kim Kardashian and Nicole herself.K

Richie’s luxurious casual style brings a 1970s boho-esque vibe to Winter Kate which is soon to be adored by fashionistas all over the world. Her accessories line worked because it’s was simply beautiful and her clothing line has the same impact. Only very few “privileged” designers can pull of an original cohesive brand with longevity, (Stella McCartney, the Olsen Twins) and now Nicole Richie. I’m already pulling out my credit card for the ‘Harlow’ jacket.

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It may be 2010 but the 60’s are back; well at least in the fashion world. Last September, dozens of labels including Balmain, Blumarine and Calvin Klein debuted their Spring collections and although each label is known for their own individual style, they each had one thing in common: Tie Dye.

Yes, Tie Dye. The design that is notorious for the love/hate relationship between us “regular” folks and the people of the fashion world. Once associated with hippies and radicals, tie dye was once considered a fashion faux pas and reappears on the runway every few years in attempts to make it mainstream again. This season however, tie dye is making a statement and making itself known. Those colorful designs we made onto t-shirts in summer camp who consists of horrible oversized t-shirts but an array of party dresses, flirty denims and fun accessories such as scarfs.

Blumarine dedicated their entire spring collection to tie dye and its bright colors. The label incorporated the bleached design onto trendy pieces to create a cohesive collection. There garments include colorful palettes of A-line dresses, oversized tees and rompers that make tie dye the cool thing to wear again. The Italian label by artist Anna Molinari is inspired by Molinari’s love for painting, music and anything colorful. Her mission for the Spring 2010 collection was to “embody the femininity of all colors, textiles and designs” and it seems she’s on the right track.

Blumarine isn’t the only label to take tie dye and make it pretty again. Balmain and Calvin Klein have also made the attempts. Balmain, is known for it utilitarian-esque clothing (think all things Michael Jackson) while Calvin Klein is for is sophistication. Both however made tie-dye work for both their styles; Balmain for denim, Calvin Klein for tops and accessories. Even celebrities have jumped on the tie dye dip-dye bandwagon. Fashionistas such as Rihanna, Fergie, Nicole Richie and Victoria Beckham have all been spotted wearing the trend.

The tie-dye trend for spring is a trend I hope will last for a while. Tie-dye is refreshing and spring collections are supposed to be bright, colorful and refreshing. The design itself brings back memories for just about everybody and everyone can wear tie dye even men. I think designers and labels are onto something with recreating old styles and making it new again. Hopefully that will become a new sensation, I’m dying to walk around New York City in white go-go boots without getting awkward stares from people on the subway.

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Fashion week may be over in New York but for local fashionistas like myself, it’s only getting started. Pull out the credit cards because distributors are selling garments to your favorite retail stores straight from the runway.

Courtesy of the ENK shows, the Fashion Coterie was held February 21-23, 2010 at the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan and I was one of the lucky people to attend the three-day event (courtesy of my internship at Ihlabela Inc.). Coterie, an annual trade show held at the Jarvits Center features the latest collections from labels such as BCBG, Alice + Olivia and Badgley Mischka. Unlike the runway shows at Bryant Park, you can actually touch the clothes and try on the garments; the only catch: it’s not opened to the public. Since distributors showcase new collections to participating retailers; it’s all about business and boy do they mean it.

It was nice for a change to see the business side of a world that many mistaken to be shallow and narrow-minded. Coterie is for the distributors and less about the fashionistas. No fashion experience is necessary to trail into the trade show and the dress code isn’t a big factor either. As I panicked to find the perfect outfit after finding out I’d be attending, I was in utter shock when I saw some of the people behind the biggest names in fashion dressing as I would dress on my way to the grocery store. I guess here it’s about what you like instead of what do you think others will like.

Despite everyone’s choices of clothing, the most beneficial part of the three days at coterie is the incredible selection of clothes you’re able to get at wholesale price. Since it is an event for distributors to sell their products to buyers for store, attendees can reap the benefits of getting a piece of the fall collections for nearly 50% of the retail value. You bet others alongside I, took advantage of this offer. My roommates were green with envy when I arrived home with a
“Members Only” leather jacket and a fringed “Alice + Olivia” skirt for under $200 bucks. Their eyes widened when I told them they have to wait until August to get theirs. It was great to buy something in season for about the same price I would have payed on sale out of season.

There’s not too many chances were your given a pass to one of the most exclusive trade shows in New York City and so if ever given the opportunity just go without question; even if you’re not the fashion type. We all like clothes. We all need them and we all wouldn’t mind paying less money for them either.

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