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Monthly Archives: August 2010

LOL. Designer Cynthia Rowley has made a name for herself in the fashion world for years, but now she’s about to set herself apart from any other designer out there: get this she’s making designer Band-Aids! After her success of diaper designers Rowley collaborated with Johnson & Johnson to create 14 band-aid designers that feature sequins, lace and jewels. But don’t expect the profits for this new venture to go directly to Cythnia or Johnson & Johnson’s bank accounts; $1 from each sale will be donated to Design Ingites Change which is an organization made to help young adults create designs and architecture that address social issues in their communities. Not too shabby for $10 bucks a package and over 20 cool designer Band-aids. Call me crazy but I think I’ll invest in a tin, you never know when these bad boys will come in handy.


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When Kate Moss releases her newest collection for Top Shop this October, it will be her last. According to NY mag, Kate’s line hasn’t been doing to well in the numbers department and it’s losing it momentum with consumers. The line only launched three years ago and its success has been inevitable with tons of fans and fashionistas lining up early and skipping work to purchase a piece of the collection. I’m said to see Kate’s collection go, but all things do come to an end eventually and maybe the lines high prices aren’t matching with Top Shop frugal-sprending customers. Or maybe, just maybe like NY mag mentioned the line is just simply not that good anymore.

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So the 62nd annual Primetime Emmy Awards was last night and like every red carpet event, there were some amazing designer dresses worn by some of TV’s hottest stars. There were was good, some bad and some downright fugly gowns on the red carpet last night but five stars took my breath away with five amazing looks. Glee’s Lea Michele (Oscar de la Renta), True Blood’s Anna Paquin in (Alexander McQueen), VD’s Nina Dobrev (Zuhair Murad), Kim Kardashian (Marchesa), Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter (Oday Shaka) and all shined on the red carpet this year and made it onto my “Fab-Five” list for Emmys best dressed 2010. What do you guys think? Who takes the crown home for best dressed this year?

My pick would be Nina Dobrev. Girl looked amazing. Followed by Jennifer Carpenter and then Anna Paquin (some reason I’m in love with this dress).

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I’m a HUGE fan of the late-great Alexander McQueen. I adore his edgy and outrageous ensembles and I love seeing them on the runway and on red carpets everywhere. True Blood starlet Anna Paquin donned not one, but two Alexander McQueen gowns and they each made a statement at every Emmy event she attended this weekend. I personally love the gold, shoulder detailing on her gown and the more I look at the dress the more I love it. The classic “LDB” dress is too cute but it doesn’t make a statement like her other gown did. Hadn’t she said it was McQueen I’d thought it was Diane von Furstenberg or designer with a similar taste. Both dresses are phenominal but the gold-sequined, silk floor lenth gown takes the cake because it’s edgy, fun and it’s typical McQueen.

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I know I’ll get a lot of flack for this but I’m really digging Taylor Momsen’s fashion style. Although her fashion is a bit too-risqué for me, I really like her classic, hard-metal glam fashion style. Taylor recently admitted that she shops at stripper stores for shoes and has a huge fascination for all things lace and leather. Say what you want to say about her, but homegirl is definitely a trendsetter and her fashion game is on point. She’s a rock star. No fashion rules apply to her.

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Girl is sure getting some work done.

Although Lindsay Lohan has been in government custody this past summer; homegirl was definately working in the weeks prior to her jail and rehab stints because she has a slew of projects in the works. She’s starring in that new film Machete and she’s tackled on a new job: fashion journalist (oh Lindsay how I envy you). For Blackbook’s September issue, Lindsay writes a short article revealing her love of fashion and how it inspired her to create her leggings line 6126. Lindsay’s writing is actually pretty good; and perhaps she may have a back-up plan if ressurecting her acting career doesn’t pan too well. Check out the article, it’s a good read and I loved this quote she says about fashion:

“It’s all about individual style, embracing who you are, and feeling good about what you wear…”

Couldn’t agree with you more Lindsay and your legging collection is getting better every year. Do your thing girlfriend and stay on track. I know Hollywood can do weird things to you.

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Beyoncé’s Deréon:


Icelandic fashion brand E-label is claiming that Beyoncé has stolen one of their legging designs and is disguising it as her own. According to E-label’s owner Helba Hallgrimsdotti, Beyoncé bought a pair of her company’s leggings last fall at Topshop in London and when she seen the singer modeling a pair of similiar leggings she thought they were hers. While the leggings look similiar Beyoncé’s look better. Perhaps she just tweaked E-label’s leggings and made them better. It’s not Beyoncé’s fault, E-label should of copyrighted that shit.

What do you think. Did Beyoncé swagga-jack E-label for their leggings?

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