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I’m a Yahoo! girl. Gmail, I love you but Yahoo! will always have a special place in my heart. When I check my e-mail (which is like 20x an hour I swear!) I always look into the Newsfeed section on Yahoo!’s home page. This morning I found something quite interesting and inspiring that I think everyone else here will enjoy.

There’s this blog called New Dress a Day in which the blog owner Marissa promises to create 365 looks in 365 days and on a dollar budget. In fashion terms: creating 365 garments in 365 days while only spending $365 on supplies. I applaud Marissa for her creativity in her endeavor. I love to see talented, fashionable people make a name of themselves even if they don’t make much of a profit. I think I’m going to try a idea similar to Marissa’s but first I need to become a better sewer. I think I will start creating vintage looks of my own using vintage pieces like she does, but of course I won’t be able to make 365 of them. Her story is truly inspiring to not only fashionistas but to all aspirng young professionals. Do what you love and not what people think you should do.

IMAGE courtesy of: Harper’s Bazaar


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It may be 2010 but the 60’s are back; well at least in the fashion world. Last September, dozens of labels including Balmain, Blumarine and Calvin Klein debuted their Spring collections and although each label is known for their own individual style, they each had one thing in common: Tie Dye.

Yes, Tie Dye. The design that is notorious for the love/hate relationship between us “regular” folks and the people of the fashion world. Once associated with hippies and radicals, tie dye was once considered a fashion faux pas and reappears on the runway every few years in attempts to make it mainstream again. This season however, tie dye is making a statement and making itself known. Those colorful designs we made onto t-shirts in summer camp who consists of horrible oversized t-shirts but an array of party dresses, flirty denims and fun accessories such as scarfs.

Blumarine dedicated their entire spring collection to tie dye and its bright colors. The label incorporated the bleached design onto trendy pieces to create a cohesive collection. There garments include colorful palettes of A-line dresses, oversized tees and rompers that make tie dye the cool thing to wear again. The Italian label by artist Anna Molinari is inspired by Molinari’s love for painting, music and anything colorful. Her mission for the Spring 2010 collection was to “embody the femininity of all colors, textiles and designs” and it seems she’s on the right track.

Blumarine isn’t the only label to take tie dye and make it pretty again. Balmain and Calvin Klein have also made the attempts. Balmain, is known for it utilitarian-esque clothing (think all things Michael Jackson) while Calvin Klein is for is sophistication. Both however made tie-dye work for both their styles; Balmain for denim, Calvin Klein for tops and accessories. Even celebrities have jumped on the tie dye dip-dye bandwagon. Fashionistas such as Rihanna, Fergie, Nicole Richie and Victoria Beckham have all been spotted wearing the trend.

The tie-dye trend for spring is a trend I hope will last for a while. Tie-dye is refreshing and spring collections are supposed to be bright, colorful and refreshing. The design itself brings back memories for just about everybody and everyone can wear tie dye even men. I think designers and labels are onto something with recreating old styles and making it new again. Hopefully that will become a new sensation, I’m dying to walk around New York City in white go-go boots without getting awkward stares from people on the subway.

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