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So model Crystal Renn did a photoshoot with Terry Richardson in Vogue Paris’ October issue. I’m not too sure what direction Terry Richardson was going for with these photos but I find something a bit odd about a controversial plus-size model binging on tons of food. Seriously, what message are they really trying to send here?


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The fashion week train has moved to London and while us Americans got a taste of the upcoming spring trends, the British are making the most of their fashion week.

To kick off their ode to fashion, Anna Wintor, Naomi Campbell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss and many other fashionable celebs payed tribute to the late-great Alexander McQueen by attending a private memorial service for him. Miss Wintor led the service and offered a compelling speech about McQueen’s work but this sentenced captured my attention about him when she described McQueen as:

“a complex and gifted young man.”

I couldn’t agree with her more. Anna Wintor knows fashion and talent; and talent is exactly what McQueen had. There’s absoutely no better way to mark the beginning of fashion week in London by celebriting the life of one of the best British designers. Well done, London.

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Beyoncé’s Deréon:


Icelandic fashion brand E-label is claiming that Beyoncé has stolen one of their legging designs and is disguising it as her own. According to E-label’s owner Helba Hallgrimsdotti, Beyoncé bought a pair of her company’s leggings last fall at Topshop in London and when she seen the singer modeling a pair of similiar leggings she thought they were hers. While the leggings look similiar Beyoncé’s look better. Perhaps she just tweaked E-label’s leggings and made them better. It’s not Beyoncé’s fault, E-label should of copyrighted that shit.

What do you think. Did Beyoncé swagga-jack E-label for their leggings?

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I like every other person in the fashion world was deeply saddened and shocked when I learned that famed designer Alexander McQueen took his own life around fall fashion week in February. There have been many articles and posts about McQueen through the media regarding McQueen’s final collections but T Magazine is the first to reveal his FINAL garment. The floor length, silk gown with embellishments around the shoulder’s perimeter is absoultely GORGEOUS and although McQueen will no longer be creating new garments for the catwalk, gowns like these make his legacy live on forever.

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So Naomi Campbell is still living up to her title as queen bitch. You’d think this lady would be trying to fix her reputation by now, but earlier this week the British supermodel walked off an interview with ABC News. During the brief interview Naomi was asked if she ever received a “blood diamond” from African dictator Charles Taylor in which she replied:

I didn’t receive a diamond and I’m not going to speak about that.

Rumors are apparently flying around that Naomi received diamonds and other jewels after Taylor (the former president of Liberia) was accused of using uncut diamonds to finance campaigns of terrors in Sierra Leone for a four year period, beginning in 1997 and ending in 2001. He is currently on trial.

Had this been any other celebrity this interview would have continued in a professional manner but because Naomi is queen of all divas, she had to make a statement. After she refused to answer the question, she stormed out of the interview punching the camera along the way. I’m all for Naomi refusing to answer controversial questions that defame her character but storming out of an interview makes her look more guilty than it does innocent. I believe you Naomi, you had no involvement, but handle it better next time, for your sake of course.

Check out Naomi’s temper-tantrum below:

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Is it just me or does it seem like everywhere we turn there’s some type of conflict concerning plus-sized models. Well now the controversy comes courtesy of major TV networks ABC and FOX after both networks refused to air a Lane Bryant lingerie commercial. The commercial features plus-sized fashion models displaying Lane Bryant’s new line of bras and lingerie for curvy women.

ABC and FOX tried to justify their claims saying that the commercial was too racy, and Lane Bryant is lashing back at the network accusing them of a “double standard” since both channel frequently air Victoria Secret commercials. What is funny about the entire situation is that ABC felt the commercials were inappropriate to air during Dancing With the Stars because of it’s high viewership of minors, but the show features Pamela Anderson wearing mini-dresses with her breast exposed on a weekly basis. ABC also had the audacity to ask Lane Bryant to edit their commercial to show less skin, but after the company refused ABC pulled the commercial. I agree with Lane Bryant, why should they change their commercial to fit the standards of ABC and modern America? Especially since ABC airs a similar commercial featuring skinnier models. There definitely is a double standard here and I think if ABC refuses to air the commercial then Lane Bryant should take their money elsewhere. Why help fund a network if they don’t support your brand?

Here’s the “racy” commercial below, do you think ABC took it a bit too far or is Lane Bryant to blame?

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