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Sarah Burton gets a MAJOR two thumbs up for her collection for Alexander McQueen. After McQueen’s tragic passing in February, fans like myself were worried about the future of his line. A major concern I had at the time was is there anyone else in the fashion world that  is as creatively genius as McQueen was with art, esthetic and fashion and luckily for us there is: Sarah Burton. She debuted her McQueen collection this week and it is fabulous, fierce and on fire.

images via LA Times

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I LOVE Gossip Girl. The story-lines, the bitchiness, the fashions, the boys…awe I can go on and on about my love for this show and since today marks the premiere of season 4, I thought I share some of my favorite Gossip Girl fashions featuring Serena, Blair, Jenny, and Vanessa.


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Seriously, how hot are these shoes by Creative Recreation. The ‘Moretina Hi Boot’ is part of their fall Select line and these cuties are literally three boots in one. With zipper on/off sections, you can rock thigh high, knee length and ankle boots for the same price. This is truly a bargain and amazing idea.

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It’s officially the fall season, well at least in the fashion world. Labor Day marks the end of the summer season and immediate following Labor Day is Fashion Week. Fall 2010 fashion week is the first fashion week in over 15 years that isn’t being held at Bryant Park. The new home is the prestigious Lincoln Center. Also, Fashion’s Night Out (F.N.O.) was be bigger and better this year and Vogue is sponsoring a public fashion show tonight that will feature tons of popular models and designers and is expected to have thousands of attendees. Whew!!! Fashion week is here guys and it’s taking September by storm.

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The Kardashian girls are everywhere: literally. After releasing their mediocre line for Bebe last winter, the Kardashian trio are up and at it again with a new line of affordable fashions courtesy of QVC. The line will consists of 31 pieces ranging in price from $19 to $240 bucks (no too bad!) and is co-designed by Tommy Hilfiger’s sister Ginny Hilfiger. Judging from the promo pictures this line has some potential especially with the Kardashian star power. QVC is doing wonders for celebrities who want to venture out in fashion design (Rachel Zoe anyone?) so it’s no wonder the Kardashian sisters are all over it. Yeah the clothes are cute but I’ve seen this all before and probably own half of the collection in my closet already. I guess I need to see the entire collection before I judge. But nevertheless, this line is still wwwwwaaaayyyy better than their Bebe line.

What do you guys think of the new Kardashian line? Yay or Nay?

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LOL. Designer Cynthia Rowley has made a name for herself in the fashion world for years, but now she’s about to set herself apart from any other designer out there: get this she’s making designer Band-Aids! After her success of diaper designers Rowley collaborated with Johnson & Johnson to create 14 band-aid designers that feature sequins, lace and jewels. But don’t expect the profits for this new venture to go directly to Cythnia or Johnson & Johnson’s bank accounts; $1 from each sale will be donated to Design Ingites Change which is an organization made to help young adults create designs and architecture that address social issues in their communities. Not too shabby for $10 bucks a package and over 20 cool designer Band-aids. Call me crazy but I think I’ll invest in a tin, you never know when these bad boys will come in handy.

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When Kate Moss releases her newest collection for Top Shop this October, it will be her last. According to NY mag, Kate’s line hasn’t been doing to well in the numbers department and it’s losing it momentum with consumers. The line only launched three years ago and its success has been inevitable with tons of fans and fashionistas lining up early and skipping work to purchase a piece of the collection. I’m said to see Kate’s collection go, but all things do come to an end eventually and maybe the lines high prices aren’t matching with Top Shop frugal-sprending customers. Or maybe, just maybe like NY mag mentioned the line is just simply not that good anymore.

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