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XXII Couture.

twenty two haute things to love about fashion.

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I frickin’ love Solange Knowles. Like, seriously this chick has a style of her own. She’s electic, bohemian and urban but with a little rock star edginess. She’s always seems to amaze me with her clothing choices, her shoe styles and of course her nails. Girl, is a true fashionista and she’s using her good taste to cover FashIzBlack this month.

absolutely cool.


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I know I’ll get a lot of flack for this but I’m really digging Taylor Momsen’s fashion style. Although her fashion is a bit too-risqué for me, I really like her classic, hard-metal glam fashion style. Taylor recently admitted that she shops at stripper stores for shoes and has a huge fascination for all things lace and leather. Say what you want to say about her, but homegirl is definitely a trendsetter and her fashion game is on point. She’s a rock star. No fashion rules apply to her.

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