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Sarah Burton gets a MAJOR two thumbs up for her collection for Alexander McQueen. After McQueen’s tragic passing in February, fans like myself were worried about the future of his line. A major concern I had at the time was is there anyone else in the fashion world that  is as creatively genius as McQueen was with art, esthetic and fashion and luckily for us there is: Sarah Burton. She debuted her McQueen collection this week and it is fabulous, fierce and on fire.

images via LA Times


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I LOVE Gossip Girl. The story-lines, the bitchiness, the fashions, the boys…awe I can go on and on about my love for this show and since today marks the premiere of season 4, I thought I share some of my favorite Gossip Girl fashions featuring Serena, Blair, Jenny, and Vanessa.


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Seriously, how hot are these shoes by Creative Recreation. The ‘Moretina Hi Boot’ is part of their fall Select line and these cuties are literally three boots in one. With zipper on/off sections, you can rock thigh high, knee length and ankle boots for the same price. This is truly a bargain and amazing idea.

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It’s officially the fall season, well at least in the fashion world. Labor Day marks the end of the summer season and immediate following Labor Day is Fashion Week. Fall 2010 fashion week is the first fashion week in over 15 years that isn’t being held at Bryant Park. The new home is the prestigious Lincoln Center. Also, Fashion’s Night Out (F.N.O.) was be bigger and better this year and Vogue is sponsoring a public fashion show tonight that will feature tons of popular models and designers and is expected to have thousands of attendees. Whew!!! Fashion week is here guys and it’s taking September by storm.

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Girl is sure getting some work done.

Although Lindsay Lohan has been in government custody this past summer; homegirl was definately working in the weeks prior to her jail and rehab stints because she has a slew of projects in the works. She’s starring in that new film Machete and she’s tackled on a new job: fashion journalist (oh Lindsay how I envy you). For Blackbook’s September issue, Lindsay writes a short article revealing her love of fashion and how it inspired her to create her leggings line 6126. Lindsay’s writing is actually pretty good; and perhaps she may have a back-up plan if ressurecting her acting career doesn’t pan too well. Check out the article, it’s a good read and I loved this quote she says about fashion:

“It’s all about individual style, embracing who you are, and feeling good about what you wear…”

Couldn’t agree with you more Lindsay and your legging collection is getting better every year. Do your thing girlfriend and stay on track. I know Hollywood can do weird things to you.

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Amazing and a bit weird. The term LBD also known as the “Little Black Dress” has now been recognized in the Oxford dictionary. The LBD is just one of the 2,000 words that will be added to the Oxford dictionary this year. Every girl knows how important an LBD is for her closet and you can’t possibly ever go wrong when you have one.

Photo Courtesy of the 9th Avenue Blogspot

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It’s been a while since I been shopping (literally like 3 weeks) and I posted some of the hot shit I bought the last time I shopped. Well today I’ll be doing a little rummaging in some of my local vintage shops and of course hitting the big stores as well. I’m really digging the whole military-esque vibe that’s been trending lately; so my shopping trip is inspired by green, combats and cargos.

Check for yourself:

  • Jessica Simpson ‘Desert Cuffed Skinny Cargo’  in Olive($59)
  • Mango ‘Mango Neutral Parka’ in Tan($117)
  • American Apparel ‘Piqué Tee’ in Oyster ($26)
  • Steven by Steve Madden ‘Axee’ in Brown ($160)

I’m feeling down and dirty and ready for battle. Perhaps my new military-inspired gear will inspired me to do some combat on the cardio floor. I’ll take a boot camp class with that parka!

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